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United Business App

The United Business App is a news Application in which you can read 24/7 business, political and geopolitical and social news mainly from Suriname, the Caribbean and international

In addition, the Business App has a Surinamese business directory with approximately 2000 reputable companies. These companies can be reached via 1. Telephone 2. Mail 3. Website/Social media 4. Google Maps or a signpost to the location you are looking for.

Donation website

Wanted to play our part in helping out the vilages in the interior that were effected the overlow of water from the hydro dam at Afobaka.

Tother with Stg Sadelo we created a donation website where people could donate to help the villages affected by the desaster volling the overflow of the hydro dam at Afobaka. We implemeted Mope as main payment method for donation.

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